• De-Addiction Treatment

It provides the right motivation and direction to curb this habit.


  • Detoxification Treatment

It is the most important for recovering.


  • Alcohol De-addiction Treatment

It is necessary for the addict to get the right treatment.


  • Cocaine De-Addiction Treatment

We provide to addicts who require it exclusively.



  • Yoga for Addiction and Depression

It is necessary to have a healthy mind and keep depression under control


  • Tobacco De-Addiction Treatment

It is a slow process that requires exclusive participation


  • Treatment for mental health

We have a separate facilities and environment for such addicts


  • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Medical speciality for this kind of problems


Bharat Vansh Rehab is a safe haven where you can unwind your mind and body and focus on getting better. There are a variety of facilities for the different types of treatment we offer, all designed with your comfort in mind. Contact us today to determine which facility will best suit your needs.

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