• De-Addiction Treatment

It provides the right motivation and direction to curb this habit.


  • Detoxification Treatment

It is the most important for recovering.


  • Alcohol De-addiction Treatment

It is necessary for the addict to get the right treatment.


  • Cocaine De-Addiction Treatment

We provide to addicts who require it exclusively.



  • Yoga for Addiction and Depression

It is necessary to have a healthy mind and keep depression under control


  • Tobacco De-Addiction Treatment

It is a slow process that requires exclusive participation


  • Treatment for mental health

We have a separate facilities and environment for such addicts


  • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Medical speciality for this kind of problems


  • Treatments We Provide
  •  Alcohol.

An Alcoholic Is An Person Who Never Thought About Their Society, Social Life Or Even Family. After Drinking They Start Showing An Different Personality Which They Have Hidden Inside As Guilt. They Burst There Anger When They Are Doped That Time They Don’t Think About Any One’s Feeling Or Even There Own Respect They Start Blaming Other For There Insecurities And Try To Hide There Own Problems Under That Which Made Guilt In There Mind And Heart Which Threw Them in The Curse Of Addiction. So Here in Our Rehab Firstly we Work On There Mind And Guilt We Try To Fix There Issue By Giving Sharing Session When They Find That An Senior Addict Is Sharing There Problems In Front Of Them And After That They Look Much Better Then Before So A New Also Try This Process On Them To Relax Out of There Problem Which They Are Carrying In Mind. With Time We Find That Patient Is Finding Change In Themselves Without Any Medicine. Rehab is An Program Of Realization Of The Thing We Have Loosen During Our Addiction When An Addict Got to Know That If They Had Taken Control Over There Addiction Earlier So They Had Not Loosen The Quality Of There Living




  •   Marijuana

  Dry Addiction Marijuana is Also Known as Ganja, Bhang, Weed and Few More It’s An Useless Theory That Our God Mahakal Is An Weed Addict Whenever We Ask People About That why They Are Smoking it They Have An Simple Answer To Hide There Bad Habit Under Religious Thing That “ye to bhole ka parshad hai” Literally Are We Correct About This Statement Our God Never Wanted Us To Be An Addict So An Addict Never Want To Accept That They Are Doing An Wrong Thing Which Make There Treatment Bit Hard Because Firstly we Have To Make Them Realize That Any Addiction Is Not Good That Effect Their Physical Health, Mental Health and Wealth. So When An Addict Get realization About This Genuinely Then They Try With There Own Will And When An Addict Get Will To Stop There Addict Then Its Not So Hard For Them To Stop.

Bharat Vansh Rehab is a safe haven where you can unwind your mind and body and focus on getting better. There are a variety of facilities for the different types of treatment we offer, all designed with your comfort in mind. Contact us today to determine which facility will best suit your needs.