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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

  • Work Done By Us In Past Year.

In past year our foundation have done so many works for society development as well as social works such as:-

  1. Awareness Program In Galgotia College:

      our foundation have organised An Awareness Program In Galgotia College In Greater Noida Knowledge park-2.

In Awareness Program We Have Aware College Student About Addiction As we find that new generation is finding drugs, alcohol and stimulants more Attractive and slowly they get into this mud and we find that 70 percent of youth are under addiction the form is different but the addiction is same. In starting they find it joyful when are doing it groups they have friends who force them to try it but with time they find that they are totally trapped into this mud of addiction from which no one can take them out so they start making guilt inside there heart and getting deeply into this trap . but later we find that there is no joy in addiction its just an joysful starting of groupism when we find that those person who introduced us to this trap are now trying to snitch us now they are demanding us for money for our addiction for us as well as for them so we start cutting from them or ignoring them with time increasing time period and our increasing addiction as now we are totally addicted toward those things whatever it is alcohol, drug, stimulant and weed or anything now we found that even our quantity of intake is also increasing per day so we try to reduce using members (using member refers to the people with whom we enjoy our addiction) but slowly we reduce our using partners and go alone for our addiction.

A Distinct Identity


     Why you should be associated with us !

  • Doctors and staff availability 24*7 care

  • Experienced and qualified staff

  • Activities and programs

  • Physiotherapists and psychiatrists

  • Higher recovery rate in addiction treatment

  • Post-treatment health support\

  • Confidentiality and privacy

  • Counselling and meditation sessions everyday

  • Customized plans for different addicts

Bharat Vansh Nasha Mukti Kendra is a de-addiction and rehabilitation center in Noida Sector 112 for N.A. and A.A. that has been successfully assisting addicts who seek to reform and improve their lifestyle since 2010. We work in a joint effort to give our patients the most ideal treatment and support.

 We provide consultancy to addicts and their families

, and help them get into the best de-addiction program as per their requirements, and provide assistance in getting rid of all kinds of addictions.

Bharat Vansh Nasha Mukti Kendra has qualified and reputed psychiatrists and physiotherapists, along with qualified staff, who have a specific end goal, i.e. eradication of harmful addictions.

There is a range of various services available, such as Counselling, Detoxification, Nutritional support, Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, Therapeutic services, etc.

A-26B, SECTOR 112,

NOIDA 201307


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